Post-factual? Trans-factual! Facts, the human capacity of cognition and political discourses

By Andrea Günter Climate change is “post-factual”, what the essence for example of women or otherwise of America, Turkey, Islam, etc. consists of, is a biological fact or divine will. Here, we have the uncanny epistemological alliance of fundamentalist currents with allegedly postmodern tendencies – and with gender theorems. Let us be glad that fundamentalists […]

Viriditas – Green Power of Life

By Annette Esser Annette Esser, founder of the Scivias Institute in the Rheinland organized in June 2016 the Second International Conference of Hildegard von Bingen on the subject of Veriditas, Green Power of Life. The following is her entrance speech to the Conference. Viriditas is the theme of the Second International Hildegard-Conference of the Scivias […]

Crete Resolution of the German Section of the European Society of Women in Theological Research: Intensified Interreligious Commitment

Für die deutsche Version bitte hier klicken. Para ver el texto en en español, haga clic aquí. By Naime Çakir, Ute E. Eisen, and Hildegund Keul Europe at present is marked by vehement migration movements. Millions of people attempt to escape violence and war, poverty and the threat of impoverishment. They have left their homes and press upon […]

Pope Francis Agrees to Open Commission to Study Diaconate for Women

Press Release by the Women’s Ordination Conference By Kate McElwee and Erin Saiz Hanna Rome, Italy:  The Women’s Ordination Conference (WOC) applauds the women religious of the International Union Superior Generals (UISG) for brazenly dialoguing with Pope Francis on leadership and ministerial roles for women in the Church, including the opening of the diaconate to women.  In […]

Privatizing the world: How religion generates terror against “Western values”

By Andrea Günter Do we take IS-terrorists for religious, spiritual people? How can we criticize them and their relationship to religion without throwing suspicion on Muslims, or religions as a whole; but also without denying that their actions are somehow connected to religion? The attacks in New York, Madrid, London, Paris – do they represent […]

Christians and Muslims: Peace and Unity in Diversity

Für die deutsche Version bitte hier klicken. Ecumenical statement given at an Anti-Kargida protest, organised by the Christian-Muslim Society in Karlsruhe. By Isa Breitmaier In Karlsruhe we have a reception camp for refugees, which was enlarged in 2015 when many refugees arrived in Germany and also in Karlsruhe. Since last spring we have had weekly […]

Easter, the Refugees and the Bible

Please find the Easter Gospel in 14 different languages here – translation provided by the Katholisches Bibelwerk e.V. Stuttgart, Germany Por favor, encuentre el Evangelio Pascua en 14 idiomas diferentes aquí – traducción por el Katholisches Bibelwerk e.V. Stuttgart, Alemania Wie es zum Projekt „Osterevangelium für Flüchtlinge und Migranten“ kam Von Katrin Brockmöller Zum zweiten Mal stellen wir als […]

Holy Week – Careweek

By Ina Praetorius The Holy Week – the week before Easter – is called „Karwoche“ in German. The prefix „Kar-„ is used only within this context. It derives from the Old German word „Kara“ which means „sadness“, „worry“, „concern“. Indeed, traditional Christians celebrate the Holy Week as a time of sadness, reading the biblical passion narratives, […]

Feminism, Prison and Church

Tatiana Sukhareva’s book Life Beyond Justice By Elena Volkova                 Does the word “feminist” hurt you as an Orthodox believer? Yes. It sounds obscene. Sergey Beloglazov, a security guard of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, was so much traumatized by Pussy Riot’s performance (21 February, 2012) and the […]